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Riverstone Resource 51D Walking Sire

Riverstone Resource 51D is our latest edition to the walking Angus bull battery. This powerhouse bull is extremely smooth and long in his make up without giving up any muscle expression and depth of body. He is out of a 2007 year dam that is a consistent producer that never misses. His sire SAV Resource 1441 One of the most iconic bulls in the breed; Resource is one of the most popular AI sires due to his ability to sire growth, carcass merit and maternal ability in a desirable package. Resource sons have unprecedented performance and industry appeal, while his daughters are making superb brood cows with high quality udders and abundant milk.

SA V Resource 1441


Riverstone Resource 75E Walking Sire

Riverstone Resource 75E  is an own son of SAV Reource 1441 and out of one of Riverstone's top Angus females. We selected to keep this bull as a walking sire in the Riverstone program because of is impressive mass, smooth frame with a maternal powerhouse built into his pedigree.


Riverstone Rebel 14D A.I. SIRE co-owner

Riverstone Rebel was one of our 2017 Riverstone Bull Sale highlights. This stout , moderate framed power bull was one that stood out in the bull pen from day one.

His sire HF Rebel was the record breaking high selling bull in the 2012 Hamilton sale going to Stevenson Angus Ranch, TC Angus Ranch and Greens Angus Ranch, for $95,000.00 for 2/3 interest. He is a powerful herd bull with unmatched body length, overall thickness and structural correctness. HF Rebel was the lead off bull in the NWSS 2014 Reserve Champion Early Bull Calf Pen of Three!

Brooking Bank Note 4040 A.I. SIRE non ownership

Bank Note 4040 is the $125,000 phenom, performance bull that is stacked with maternal strength to increase value in both his sons and daughters. Bank Note 4040 is currently in the top 6% in 6 different categories and is in the top 1% in WW, YW & CW – top 3% in TM – top 5% in REA – top 6% in Marbling and is top 15% for Scrotal. His dam is the ideal Angus female that is impossible to fault, and she has shown her breeding potential through Bank Note and his maternal sister Rose 1019. Bank Note daughters should be perfect uddered, moderate framed, easy doing, high volume and very complete made. From the ground up, he is an impressively sound individual that will add extra muscle, stoutness, rib capacity in a very attractive package. He has won many banners in the show ring but his true value will be a big time producer for years to come.

Colburn Primo 5153 A.I. SIRE non ownership

He is the awesome new sire raised by Colburn Cattle Co, CA that has taken the Angus business by storm. He’s a product of one of Style’s most decorated daughters and the amazing Dameron First Class! First Class semen has consistently set records at $15,000/dose and Primo is arguably his best son to date. His bottom side is a stacked pedigree that goes back to the great Saras Dream. Primo’s full sister’s were some of the most dominating show heifers on the circuit.

HA Cowboy Up 5405 A.I. SIRE non ownership

Cowboy Up was the sensation of the spring 2016 bull sale season when two-thirds interest of him sold for $350,000 and at the 2017 Bases Loaded Sale a 10% semen interest of him sold for $120,000 to make him one of the most valuable living Angus sires with a full sister heifer calf pregnancy to Cowboy Up selling for $50,000 to top that division of that very elite Angus sale.

Produced by a $100,000 Hinman Angus Pathfinder Dam whose five natural progeny have an average weaning ratio of 114 and an average yearling average ratio of 109, Cowboy Up has been used extensively across the breed and in the spring of 2019, 18 sons of Cowboy Up topped Angus bull sales reported by the American Angus Association and those top-sellers sold for an average price of more than $17,000.

One of the first daughters of Cowboy Up sold at auction commanded a bid of $52,500 for half interest in the 2017 Big Event at Express where another daughter from his first calf crop sold half interest for $40,000 with his sons displaying the power, volume and extra muscle expression to be favorites of both purebred and commercial cattlemen.

cowboy up.jpg

PVF Insight 0129 A.I. SIRE non ownership

Insight has become a household name among purebred and commercial herd owners who appreciate good-looking cattle with moderate birth weights, solid growth, strong carcass value and maternal function. Insight has the unique ability to sire females with eye appeal, and stout, powerful sons. His progeny are well-balanced, deep-bodied cattle that exhibit added muscle shape and dimension. His combination of visual traits along with his $W and $B values make him unmatched in the breed. He is in a league of his own!

S A V Heritage 6295 A.I. SIRE non ownership

Heritage is a moderate birth weight Harvestor son with impressive power, performance and structure. He has a super cow maker phenotype with added volume and fleshing ability in a muscular masculine package. His phenomenal dam is a model Angus cow and has also produced S A V First Prize and S A V Momentum. Heritage 6295's maternal value doesn't come at the expense of carcass merit with strong Carcass Weight, Marbling and $Beef.


SAV Best Interest A.I. SIRE non ownership

A moderate framed, huge bodied, wide based Bismarck son that sires cattle with the look and muscle of the bottom side of his pedigree (Net Worth x Bando 5175). His wide muzzle and Aberdeen Angus head make him a perfect corrective mating choice on less conservative Angus types.

S A V Harvestor 0338 A.I. SIRE non ownership

SAV Harvestor, the $275,000 Angus sensation, is a true breed changer and performance powerhouse. Harvestor progeny are stamped with breed character and built right from the ground up. They are great in their structure, with massive thickness, volume and expressive

muscle shape. His sons are loaded with performance and substance, while his daughters are feminine with beautiful udders

and added dimension to make real brood cows. Kelly Schaff says, “Harvestor’s progeny dominate the ground they walk on and

come with the highest recommendation to real-world cowmen. His powerful sons have been well received in our past sales, as well as

in sales across the globe.”


S A V Resource 1441 A.I. SIRE non ownership

Resource has gained the admiration of cattlemen worldwide as a sire of body mass, efficient conversion and phenotypic power like few sires the breed has ever seen. As impressive as his sons are, Resource’s greatest attribute is likely his daughters. A foot improver and a sire of tremendous udders and excellent dispositions; Resource offers a perfect mating option for breeders looking to build functional quality and maternal equity into their cow herds.

MAR Innovation 251 A.I. SIRE non ownership

Anyone who sees Innovation in person becomes an instant fan. He offers incredible body capacity and width of base and stands on some of the best feet and legs in the Angus lineup. Innovation daughters are making a name for themselves as super functional, durable cattle with picture-perfect udders. A docility improver with breed-leading HPG and a pedigree full of maternal power, use Innovation to add pounds on the scale and daughters to the keeper pen.

S A V Angus Valley1867 A.I. SIRE non ownership

Angus Valley continues to sire angular, square-hipped, hard-footed females with great teat and udder quality. Expect progeny to have plenty of growth and frame while still being soft middled and attractive from the side.


S A V Bismarck 5682 A.I. SIRE non ownership

Multi-segment appeal has made him one of the most popular bulls in the industry. His high accuracy and double digit Calving Ease have driven repeat commercial heifer demand. With power, muscle shape and style, his progeny are ultra competitive in both the show and sale rings. Bismarck's strong maternal data, a proven cow family and pleasing maternal design have earned him a cow maker reputation.


S A V Sensation 5615 A.I. SIRE non ownership

Sensation was one of the 2016 SAV sale highlights and brother to the 2015 featured high seller S A V Seedstock. He is smooth and correct in his pattern with ample muscle expression and shape and is structurally sound and free moving .


Silveria Hara The Show 5000 A.I. SIRE non ownership

1/2 interest in Silveira Hara The Show 5000 sold at $150,000 at the National Western Stock Show Denim and Diamonds Sale! He offers the tremendous "Style" profile and outline with more power and bone!


S A V Pedigree 4834 A.I. SIRE non ownership

Pedigree sold for a record $750,000 as a featured lot in the 2015 Schaff Angus Valley bull sale. He combines the proven pedigree of Pioneer with SAV Blackcap May 4136


S A V Renovation 6822 A.I. SIRE non ownership

Renovation has been very popular with breeders who have seen him and admired his overall balance and eye appeal. He is a stout featured attractive bull out of an excellent Density dam. His first progeny reports from Brooking Angus are exciting, reporting added performance and thickness in the bulls and an attractive maternal look to his females


Musgrave Sky High 1535 A.I. SIRE non ownership

Sky High was the lead off and high selling bull of the 2016 Musgrave Angus sale in IL. He is a stand out performance bull that uniquely combines stoutness, base width, and muscle with depth of fore rib, phenotype, and eye appeal second to none. From the ground up Sky High has superior structural soundness and hoof quality. Individually he earned weaning and yearling ratios of 114 in a contemporary group of 91 head. His remarkable dam has earned a NR of 3@109 and BW ratio of 3@101. We are highly anticipating what Sky High has to offer.


Musgrave 316 Colossal 137  A.I. SIRE non ownership

Colossal is one of the most sought after bulls in the 2018 spring bull sale season. He expresses unmatched bold robust rib structure and mass with an exceptional top 1% ranking for CE. Colossal looks to have more growth than sire and phenotypically the stoutest-featured son of 316 available to the market and his Dam and Grand dam are females with exceptional phenotype and udder quality


North Camp Silver Star 5103  A.I. SIRE non ownership

Silver Star was the exciting 2016 NWSS High Selling Angus Bull in the Angus Bull Sale! He's an outcross pedigree to many of today's most heavily used sires, however he has excellent genetics and maternal lineage behind him! He is a freak necked heifer bull that will sire great looks with performance!


BSF Hot Lotto 1401  A.I. SIRE non ownership

Hot Lotto expresses tremendous thickness, soundness, bone, foot size and fleshing ability set this bull apart. His persence and unique pedigree will dictate popularity among seedstock and commercial breeders alike. He will make daughters that will be around for a long time producing market topping progeny.

bsf hot lotto.jpg

Mohnen Pulse 533 A.I. SIRE non ownership

Pulse was selected as the top phenotype bull from the Mohnen car load of bulls at the 2014 NWSS. Excellent calving ease with low birth and high performance. He is moderate in frame and exhibits incredible performance.

RB Tour of Duty 177 A.I. SIRE non ownership

Tour of Duty is the only bull in the Angus breed with his combination of Birth to Yearling Weight spread, Docility, superior Maternal traits and highly profitable $B, all with over 6,000 registered progeny. Tour of Duty is an industry giant that stamps his progeny with tremendous growth with the top ADG bull at the 2016 Midland Bull Test and Iowa Angus Bull Test Station.

S A V Regard 4863 A.I. SIRE non ownership

The $180,000 lead-off bull and top-selling Resource bull from the 2015 Schaff Angus Valley sale. Regard is a standout for muscle, masculinity, breed character, substance of bone and overall body capacity. His dam isthe famous SAV Blackcap May 5530, also the dam of Brand Name and Priority and maternal sister to Density.

KG Justified 3023 A.I. SIRE non ownership

Justified was the high selling lead off bull of the 2014 KG Angus sale. He has tremendous shape and thickness in a moderate package. The first calf crop has hit the ground and he has shown to be a sure shot calving ease bull.

Riverstone Fastpass 69C

Riverstone Fastpass 69C has his first calf crop on the ground in 2017 and they look great. This fresh new sire is full of performance and potential. His overall make up from his skull to his hoof is a very complete package with style and mass working uniquely as one. This bull brings it all to the table... the basics of efficiency and natural fleshing ability, with thickness, muscle, masculinity, superb structure, feet quality and authentic breed character.

He is out of a 2012 born female that is an outstanding member of the Blackbird cow family that never disappoints.

Riverstone Fastpass 175B A.I. SIRE

Riverstone Fastpass 175B was a sale highlight in our 2016 Riverstone Bull Sale that sold to Arda Farms and Freeway Angus. We loved this bull we drew semen for in herd use in our program.

He is sired by a home raised bull, Highland Marvel 80Z, that was an outstanding walking herdsire we had that was lost a few years back due to an injury.

Highland Creed 20A

Highland Creed is our senior walking herdsire at Riverstone. Highland Creed 20A, is a home raised bull out of DMM Creed. We used DMM Creed as an AI sire because he is phenotypically flawless with exceptional feet and legs and combines length, style and extra growth. His progeny always rank up there with the top progeny of the widly used AI sires. DMM Creed, was the Canadian Show Bull of the Year in 2011and Alberta Supreme Champion Bull 2011.

DMM Creed


S A V President 6847  A.I. SIRE non ownership

President was the featured $750,000 high selling bull from the 2017 Schaff Angus Valley bull sale. His dam is the famous S A V Blackcap May 4136 who has produced an impressive $8.4 million in progeny sale to date. He was the top pick of the 4 full brothers due to his overall balance of structure, depth of body and capacity. President created a lot of conversation in his first calf crop with progeny displaying exceptional eye appeal balanced with performance and body mass with moderate birth weights


S A V West River 2066 A.I. SIRE non ownership

West River combines moderate birth weights and growth, with breed-leading HPG and DOC along with moderate mature cow size and MILK. Combining two great pedigrees of all time, Bismarck and Final Answer; West River is a true Cow Sense and Science package!

PF Oklahoma 6625 A.I. SIRE non ownership

PF OKLAHOMA 6625 is one of the most complete calving ease bulls with maternal greatness and stacked EPD’s in the breed. Utilize OKLAHOMA to increase visual quality while adding impressive maternal lineage as he is out of one of the very best donors in the industry. He is strong footed, sound structured, large scrotal, smooth made and nearly impossible to find a hole in for an exciting up and coming calving ease prospect. Genetically, he is intriguing by representing two of the great cow families in the industry with the Rita on the top side and the world renowned Henrietta Pride on the bottom side. His EPD’s are out of this world as he is in the top 2% for CE-TM-MRB, top 3% for REA, top 4% for YW, top 7% for BW-WW-Milk-SC, top 10% for MCE-CW and top 15% for Fat. PF Oklahoma 6625 is the exact bull we strive to source to offer to the beef industry.

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